3 Essential Holiday Gifts For College Students

3 Essential Holiday Gifts For College Students

Image result for christmas‘Tis the season for giving! While the holidays are definitely a time of love and happiness, the weeks or days leading up to Christmas can definitely be a stressful period.

For those who celebrate the holidays, there’s no denying that exchanging gifts are an essential component of the season. Picking out gifts for your loved ones can be a chore, especially when working with a long list of family and friends (and a thin wallet). Fortunately, some are always easier than others to get gifts for. Not only speaking for myself, but also in my experience in gift-giving, I find teens and young adults are generally the easiest to shop for.

To be specific, college students are the easiest group to shop for because they do not expect much. They have grown out of their childhood phase, are more mature and have bigger problems to worry about than what presents mom and dad are going to get them this year. Unless you can pay off their tuition, the gifts that they will probably love the most are simple items that can make their daily lives easier.

Below is a list of affordable gift ideas for college students, regardless of gender:


Yep, clothes. Simple, easy, affordable, and most importantly, useful.


Image result for new socksI always thought this was a ridiculous gift… that is, until my mom stopped doing my laundry for me. Now I’m lucky to find a pair of fresh, matching socks without any holes in them.


Image: Lids

After a long night of studying, teens will often wake up way too late and scramble to get ready for their AM class. A hat is the perfect way to mask a bad hair day and cut a few minutes off the morning routine (which means a few more minutes of sleep!). Not to mention, a hat is a necessity for the cold winter weather in Canada.


Who doesn’t love a pair of comfy sweatpants?

Coffee Gift Card

Image result for starbucks giftcardWith most university and college campuses located within walking distance of coffee shops like Tim Hortons and Starbucks, this is a gift that certainly will not go to waste. Many students depend on caffeine-filled beverages to get them through the day.

HeadphonesImage result for study headphones

You can’t go wrong with a pair of sound-cancelling headphones/earbuds, especially considering it’s very common today to see students work to the sound of music. A pair of headphones can be used for music, gaming and even to warm up your ears in the winter time.