12 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas

12 Random Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas


One-third of the world celebrates Christmas, but do you know where these Christmas traditions originated from? After all these years of celebrating, how well do you know Christmas?

In with the new out with the old, it turns out most of the Christmas traditions celebrated today wasn’t originally part of Christmas. Take a look at these 12 random facts about Christmas that you probably never heard of. I’m sure they would be great conversation starters!

1)    Traditionally due to a successful marketing campaign, Japanese people used to eat KFC for Christmas. This advertisement was so successful that customers had to pre-order their holiday chicken two months ahead of time.

2)    There was a period where Santa didn’t have a beard. Over time Santa has been morphed into the figure he is today. The modern day Santa originated from a newspaper advertisement from coco-cola.

3)    Originally Christmas was considered as an adult treat-o-treat and not a family holiday.

4)    The song we wish you a merry Christmas was originally a threat.

5)    A century ago, telling ghost stories was the highlight of Christmas.

6)    The Nazi turned Christmas into the celebration of Hitler coming into power.

7)    Spider webs are common Christmas tree decorations in Poland.

8)    Santa’s elves were originated from the good and bad spirits that were believed to be present during the 12 days of Christmas.

9)    Even though most reindeer have male names, they couldn’t be male because male reindeer lose their antlers during Christmas.

10)  Rudolph is the creation of a marketing campaign, many of the other reindeer were also added in over the years.

11)  Jingle Bells is written for Thanksgiving and not Christmas.

12)  There are 13 Santas in Iceland, one of them is an old woman who kidnapped children.