DIY…Wine Gift Bags

DIY…Wine Gift Bags

diy-wine-bottle-gift-bags-22DIY…Wine Gift Bags

Here’s what you’ll need:

Old shirts or sweaters. We used two old button down shirts of my husbands and one kids sweater (I actually bought the red sweater below from the kids section at Goodwill for $2). You can make two bags from each shirt (because there’s two sleeves … obviously!).

Felt or fabric circle for bottom of bag. I used some old white canvas fabric scraps. The circle only needs to be just slightly larger than the bottom of the wine bottle, so you don’t need much.

White canvas fabric scrap for ‘label’

Letter or word rubber stamps

Ink pad or craft paint

Embroidery Floss and needle

Sewing machine

And here’s how quick and easy it is:

1 – Grab your shirt or sweater and get started

2 – Put the wine bottle into one of the sleeves to measure roughly how long the sleeve section needs to be.

3 – Cut the sleeve to this length (again … you do not need to be exact, the bags will be loose fitting anyway)

4 – On the fabric you plan to use for the bottom of your bag, trace around the bottom of a bottle of wine, then cut your circle slightly larger to allow for a seam allowance (roughly 1/4″ larger around the entire circle).

5 – Pin bottom circle to sleeve as shown. Right sides of each piece should be facing in. Again, pinning doesn’t need to be perfect. If you have some gathering to do, or if it bunches up a bit … it really doesn’t matter. The bags are loose, and your host will never notice!!

6 – Sew bottom circle to sleeve with your sewing machine (again … perfection is NOT key here)

7 – Flip bag right sides out!

8 – Now … for the label: grab your letter stamps, stamp pad, and simply stamp out the word you want. I also tested making this label by dipping the letter stamps in craft paint. It was a little more tricky to get the right amount of paint on the stamp, but I eventually got the hang of it. The label on the striped bag below was made with the craft paint instead of the stamp pad.

9 – Using some embroidery floss and needle, hand stitch the label right onto the sleeve/bag.

Put you favorite bottle of wine inside, tie with a bow, and gift away!

That’s it! You’ve given new life to those old shirts AND you now have a cute hostess present for those Summer parties. These bags would also be great to give as a housewarming gift (maybe the tag could say ‘HOME’ or ‘CONGRATS’), as a birthday gift to a girlfriend (with a ‘CELEBRATE’ tag), a graduation gift (‘CONGRATS’ … or I guess ‘PARTY’ would work there, too), or even as a Christmas gift down the road (‘JOY’ or ‘MERRY’, etc).