DIY…30 Minute Rustic Floral Necklace

DIY…30 Minute Rustic Floral Necklace

30-Minute-Rustic-Floral-Necklace30 MINUTE RUSTIC FLORAL NECKLACE

It’s been too long since I did a jewelry project! I’ve been having such fun doing projects with napkins so I thought I’d try them on a jewelry piece. You can never go wrong with Liberty print napkins right?? Well I’m super excited about how this 30 Minute Rustic Floral Necklace turned out. It’s so cute and quick to make and it would make a great gift too!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own 30 Minute Rustic Floral Necklace:


Mod Podge – I used the Matte finish
Mod Podge small brush – 1/2″ size
3 flat wooden beads
floral napkin
2 medium size beads
2 small beads
7 eye pins
18″ length of chain
lobster closure
2 jump rings
fine sandpaper
Tools: scissors, needle nose pliers, wire cutters

Start by choosing your beads and napkin. I wanted to use flat wooden beads (these are from Michaels) but you could use round beads as well!
bead 1Trim the napkin so it’s just a bit smaller than the top of the bead. Remove the white layers so you just have the printed top layer.
bead 2Brush a light coat of Mod Podge on the wooden bead and center the napkin piece on the bead.

Press the napkin down the sides until it’s all flat. Wait for the Mod Podge to dry.
bead 3Repeat for your other beads.

Brush the napkin very lightly with the sandpaper. It’s super fragile so you want to be really gentle – just lightly sand the edges and the corners to give it a more worn, rustic look. Brush the bead with another coat of Mod Podge to seal it.

Once it’s all dry, add eye rings to your wooden beads and form a loop on the end opposite the eye. I have some simple Jewelry How-To’s here for you.

bead 4Add your beads to eye rings and form loops on the other end for them as well.
bead 5Connect your wooden and colored beads by opening back up the eye loops and connecting them. Close up the eye loops.
bead 6Cut your chain into two pieces and add a length of chain to the loops on either side of the strand.
bead 7Finish your necklace with jump rings and a lobster closure.
bead 8Now you have a super cute necklace, in just about a half hour!