Workers Free Trapped Bear From Construction Site In Turkey

Workers Free Trapped Bear From Construction Site In Turkey

Spornews / YouTube

It certainly wasn’t a typical work day for a construction crew in Turkey that accidentally stumbled upon a massive bear who wasn’t too happy to be disturbed.

Workers were on site at a chicken farm near Bolu, Turkey, when they began excavating a concrete pit located on the property, local news outlets reported. After breaking through the unearthed barrier with a digging machine, they found a large brown bear hiding out down below them.

In the video published to YouTube by user Spornews on Nov. 27, the animal’s gigantic paws can be seen swiping at machinery as the workers pound away at the concrete. Once the hole becomes wide enough, the clearly-agitated bear can be seen poking its head out and aggressively roaring as it attempts to set itself free by digging for more space to escape.


More concrete is chipped away by the crew to help widen the hole, although the annoyed beast is still clearly upset as it continues to angrily paw away at the machinery.

The distressed bear is eventually able to dig itself free, and it can be seen frantically running away from the pit and back into the nearby woods.

It is unclear why the bear was inside the concrete structure in the first place, but local authorities have speculated that the animal may have gotten stuck after searching the farm for dead chickens to eat, the U.K.-based Daily Star reported in an article published on Nov. 26.